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NCLEX Review & Nursing School

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Story By: Victor Rodriguez  (BSN, RN)

Oh, the dreaded NCLEX exam, how can I thou art slay thee…lol.  After being in college for what seems like an eternity, not only do I have to take an “Exam” after I got my degree, but I have to take a pretty quite “tough” exam, to say the least.  In all honesty, I was not prepared to take this exam after graduating Nursing School, I felt like I needed some time off to get my mind together and take all the stresses out of my system.  All those years of clinicals and weeks of no sleep in preparation for a Med Surge exam has drained all my brain cells into oblivion.  But having been in college for 8-9 yrs of my life also meant a lot of school loans being piled up.  Long story short, I was in a lot of debt, a “hole” lot of debt…lol.

To a lot of people, this circumstance may seem like a deterrent for them to be depressed and down about their situation, while others may deal with it a different way and just try to shove it off on the side and forget about it.  But I personally felt that whatever problems I go through, I have to tackle it on my own terms.  I try to look at the NCLEX as a monster that I have to slay before I can move on with my life.  An in order to slay this demon, you have to give it your all.  But you can’t just go out there and slay this dragon without a plan.  You need a strategy in order to slay this dragon.  And that would be the only way to beat this monster.


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