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NCLEX Review & Nursing School

"The Largest NCLEX Online Review" "Nursing School and NCLEX simplified"

(Here was the original price of just the NCLEX Quick-E itself, not including the NCLEX 26)

This website is a compilation of notes from the effort of several friends and fellow Nursing Graduates that were very kind enough to contribute information and essential knowledge into this website.  If you have any comment or issues, just please leave a comment on the right hand side, and I will promise to get to your request or comment as soon as possible.  We also want to gather more essential information, so if you think that you can contribute any helpful information to this site please do not hessitate to let me know.

OUR GOAL: To help everyone in Nursing School and Nursing Graduates, taking the NCLEX: Achieve Success

We are getting a heavy load of daily traffic in this website (between 15-20,000) hits a day.  I am very proud and humbled by all this traffic and everyone visiting and acknowledging this website, after all, I only want to help everyone.  Unfortunately, the cost of hosting this website has also gone up, therefore I would ask everyone for their help.  Through the help of many friends and colleagues, I am able to put together an NCLEX review course, for nursing graduates who are taking the NCLEX.  This review course can also be used by Nursing Students in getting through and passing Nursing School.

I do not feel that it right for allnursingnotes to sell or put a price on this product, so we are giving the course for $26.99 as a donation.

Here is a  quick comparison of the NCLEX Quick E, compared with the other courses online…

(Here was the original price of just the NCLEX Quick-E itself, not including the NCLEX 26)

So you want to know where the money goes from the sales of the Quick E Course.  Here it is:


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