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The NCLEX is approaching in a few days. While we can’t always control different circumstances that surrounds us, we can always decide how we react.  Here are three simple things you can do:

♣ Take a deep breath.

Just one deep breath will bring you back to earth and let you act from a more stable place.  It calms the nerves and reduces any reactive emotions.

♠ Smile.

You might not be happy, but a little grin will remind you not to take things so seriously. Don’t worry about looking slightly deranged with your angry grin, it will soften into something more genuine over time.

♦ Always Live on a Positive Reality

We all make our own reality in our minds.  This is always the first step before  acting upon anything.  Why not think “positive” in order to manifest positive “feelings” and “emotions.”  This always helps calm our nerves and in turn makes us more rationale.  I mean what is the worst that can happen… The world doesn’t end if you fail the NCLEX…   : )


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