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             The NCLEX Exam is your SuperBowl, you have done and (practiced) everything you can do and have now reached your big day.  All of the hard work and training for the NCLEX is all over, it’s now time for the Big Show.  At this point in time you are more prepared than you ever was and ever will be.  Do not be nervous, there is no reason to be anxious since the cat is out the bag.  What you should now do is just to remember that everything is going to fine.  Do not try to make yourself anxious by thinking  or trying to remember all the different norms and values, just relax.

So what exactly to do once you get to the Test Center:

  • Take a deep breath in and out and just Relax.
  • Show Your ID to the NCLEX Lady, get you palm lasered and fingerprinted.
  • Once you get into the Computer you will be doing some practice tests.
  • Once the actual questions starts, just try to focus and try not to get distracted.


Don’t think too hard.  It’s your Superbowl, enjoy it.  You are already winning.


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