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Try to Sit Alone to study for the NCLEX

I understand that you are now quite scared and at the same time quite excited to be taking your NCLEX Exam.  You have been stressed out all week, better yet, all month.  Not to mention you have to deal with  the problems of our daily lives, and how many of them would be eased if we could learn to sit alone, in a quiet empty room, with contentment and not worry about the NCLEX.

♣ You are content, and need nothing else. It solves a lot of problems.

♠ Can you sit alone in an empty room? Can you enjoy the joy of quiet?

Most of us have trouble sitting alone, quietly, doing nothing. We have the need to do something, always worried about what can happen on the day of the NCLEX exam. Sitting still can be difficult if you haven’t cultivated the habit.

After hours of reviewing for the NCLEX, I learned to just sit. Even for a few minutes, I just try to listen to my thoughts, to be aware of your urges to worry and be concerned.  You need to learn to watch yourself, by just trying to sit still and not act on any negative urges.

I have learned to be content with stillness, which can benefit my mental state for the NCLEX.



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