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Why do plenty of people fail the NCLEX Exam ?


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I have spoken to several people in which a few have taken their NCLEX exam and passed while several had taken it and failed.  As an NCLEX Review instructor in my local area, I was very curious about the pattern and reason why test takers fail their  NCLEX or even fail it multiple times.  There are various factors and circumstances that plays a role in a person not being successful with their NCLEX Exam.  Some of these factors includes:

1. Poor Time Management

– Without actually taking down notes of how your time is spent, you can easily waste “plenty” of your precious time doing unproductive things that does not benefit you in passing your NCLEX Exam.

2. Family and Work Priority

– This can sometimes be a very difficult situation.  There are plenty of circumstances in which a person is a single parent to a child or (children) and is also the bread winner of the family.

3. No Passion, Unmotivated

– The lack of drive or interest with the NCLEX can be a big factor in one’s success in passing their NCLEX Exam.  Lack of passion and motivation enables lack of engagement which results in LACK of study habits and NOT caring about their ABILITY to pass the NCLEX.

4. Incorrect Study Strategies

Like I have mentioned in the video (above), it is very important to use all avenues of “study strategies.”

5. Lack of Resources

Sometimes the lack of proper resources whether it’s printed materials (such as books) or online and cd’s, can lower someone’s chances of passing their NCLEX Exam.

The Three C’s needed to pass the NCLEX



Plenty have said that “Confidence” is everything. It definitely is, but only to a certain degree as we all know. A person taking the NCLEX who have studied only but a couple days prior to the exam could be very “Confident”, that he/she will pass the test, but reality and logic would concur the opposite. No matter how “CONFIDENT” you maybe, you will NOT pass the NCLEX, by only a couple nights worth of studying, and that’s a FACT. One of the things that has held a lot of people from achieving their goals is their lack of self-confidence and the need to overcome that fear. By working on your self-confidence and self-esteem, I believe that we can achieve anything, keep note that millions of Nurses worldwide have taken the NCLEX and passed, (so what makes you an exemption). It is important to break through that wall of fear and come out on the other side. Think positive, as cliche as it may sound, thinking positive has more advantages than you may think. One of the best way in implementing positive thinking is through the killing of negative thoughts.



More than just thinking positive, you have to put things into action. Action, actually, is the key to developing self-confidence. It’s one thing to learn to think positive, but when you start acting on it, you change yourself, one action at a time. You are what you do, and so if you change what you do, you change what you are. Act in a positive way, take action instead of telling yourself you can’t, be positive. Talk to people in a positive way, put energy into your actions. You’ll soon start to notice a difference.



When we talk about concentration, it is basically our ability to focus within the journey of studying for the NCLEX. there is no one way to find focus, because it takes a little bit of motivation and some stimulus in order to reach that ultimate focus. The best thing one can do is to clear everything away and create a little space of tranquil focus. Aside from turning of the television and the radio, one of the best way I find that really helps is by turning off the Internet. Shut off your connection, unplug your router, or best yet, go to a place where the is no Internet (yes, those still exist). This is the absolute best way to find focus. Close all programs and windows other than what you need for this one task.


If you can’t focus on one task for very long, don’t worry. That’s normal. Our brains have been trained by technology and society to switch tasks often. The way to beat that is to set up a positive feedback cycle for focusing. Here’s how:

Start small. You only need to focus for one minute at first. Clear everything away, pick your one important task, and just do it for one minute without switching. This is hard to do in the beginning but if you consciously focus on focusing, you can do it. It’s just a minute.

Reward yourself. The reward for focusing for one minute can be one minute (or 30 seconds) of checking whatever you want. Email, Facebook, whatever. Or get up and take a one-minute walk. Stretch, drink some water, massage your neck, enjoy your small victory. Empires are created with small victories.

Passion is very important, instead of looking at the “process” of studying for the NCLEX as something that is BORING and DREADFUL, we can look at it as something that we can passionate about, which is learning and acquiring as much knowledge as we can towards anatomy, physiology and diseases. Enjoy and just have fun.

Failing and Passing


I had an opportunity and some time to conversate with different people that are on the process of taking or have already taken the NCLEX exam. I have heard of other people’s stories and read other NCLEX takers’ journey towards studying and preparing for the NCLEX. What I have observed from these talks were many several things that is worth sharing. these are based on character and different situational circumstances that different people encounter throughout their NCLEX experience. What I learned from these people was the fact that NCLEX success is based a lot upon the hard work, motivation and passion that accompanied the review. Passing the NCLEX is not soley based on a person’s past success in Nursing School, although that can become a factor.


On the other hand, I have met some graduates who have studied months and months for this exam, yet still failed the NCLEX. Based on statistical surveys and some research, I was able to pinpoint different situations in which there are different categories of graduate (Nursing) Students who have taken the NCLEX


Circumstance: This person usually worked part time while in school, could be married with kids, or recently just got married. He/she usually have had a previous Bachelors (degrees) or Certifications on a specific field and realized that Nursing is a more practical and a better investment for the person. This person would usually have bills to pay therefore, he/she is really very serious towards his/her studies. This person usually has the highest chances of passing the NCLEX. The motivation and the person’s circumstance enables the person to give it their all and start working.


Circumstance: Graduated Nursing School at an early age. Went straight to Nursing School right after graduating High School. This fresh graduate is usually single with no kids, while working part time or just in school full time. This person usually has plenty of time in their hands and will usually put of taking the Nclex a little later, which is a big mistake. This person has a lesser chance of passing the NCLEX, during the first try. But with the enough free time that they have, eventually they will pass the NCLEX.


Circumstance: This is the person’s second career. Usually has graduated in an Accelerated program who caters to those who have recently graduated. The person usually has a family at the present moment and cannot wait to start working and make money. Most of the people in this area usually are still paying for student loans from the previous degree that he/she had prior to graduating Nursing School. This is a person who is highly motivated and is very excited for a new career start. This person tries their best to pass the NCLEX on their first try and start their new career move as a NURSE.

Best Way to Study For the NCLEX



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