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NCLEX Review & Nursing School

"The Largest NCLEX Online Review" "Nursing School and NCLEX simplified"

The NCLEX exam is a content based exam in which you are tested based on your overall knowledge  and ability of the Nursing content.  It is a computerized adaptive exam in which you need to answer a certain amount of questions correctly deemed acceptable by NCBSN.  Although there are plenty of strategies and techniques you can use to succeed in passing your NCLEX exam, it very important to know and understand the NCLEX contents.   At the end of the day, you are being tested based on the contents that you either fully know or not.  That is why it is very important to keep doing NCLEX questions, because it enables us to get familiarized with the NCLEX and is also a great method in learning and re-learning NCLEX contents.

(Some LINKS are only available on the actual NCLEX 26 Course)


(Some LINKS are only available on the actual NCLEX 26 Course)


TOTAL STUDY TIME: Approx. 26 Hrs.




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