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You are are able to assess, plan and evaluate a careplan for the patient.  As a registered nurse you are able to do patient teaching and you are responsible for educating the clients.  You can develop a plan based on the clients condition.  It is the responsibility of the Registered Nurse to assess ongoing patients both stable and unstable.

Management and Delegation

In the NCLEX, you will be given questions that assess your ability as a nurse to delegate.

A Registered Nurse is not able delegate.

  • Evaluation of patient in a nursing careplan.

A Registered Nurse is able to delegate.

  • Bathing a patient
  • Vital Signs
  • RN-
    • Assess-
    • Plan-
    • Evaluate-
    • Consult-
    • Teach/Educate-
    • Encourage-
    • Develop-
    • Review-
    • Update-
    • Counsel-
    • Suggest-
    • Initial/Comprehensive/Baseline (assessments)-

Frequent/Ongoing assessments (unstable pts



Avoid These Assignments for New/Float/LVN/LPN/Traveling

  • New onset/sudden/acute-
  • New admission-
  • Transfer-
  • Newly diagnosed-
  • Discharge-
  • Require education/teaching (beyond basic skills — tend to be complex and specific to patients on that particular unit)-
  • Unstable (ie. High risk of sudden respiratory failure, or requires frequent assessments and changes in therapy)


  • Chronic-
  • Routine meds/procedures-
  • Stable


  • Responsible for knowing about and implementing standard precautions + airborne/droplet/contact –> therefore all can teach about it or prepare a room for it




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