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Lung Cancer

Different Types
1. Non small cell (Usually the majority)

– Composed of *Large Cell, *Squamous Cell and *Adenocarcinoma

2. Small Cell

Signs and Symptoms
– wheezing
– cough
– shortness of breath
– blood tinged saliva (HEMOPTYSIS*)(very important symptom)
– Difficulty Swallowing



Lung surgery (thoracotomy)

Types of lung surgery are:

  •     Wedge resection (segmentectomy).

The surgeon removes a small wedge-shaped piece of lung that contains the lung cancer and a margin of healthy tissue around the cancer.

The risk of lung cancer coming back (recurring) is higher with this method.


  •     Lobectomy.

The right lung has three lobes and the left lung has two lobes. A lobectomy removes the entire lobe of your lung that contains the cancer.


  •     Pneumonectomy.

A pneumonectomy removes your entire lung that contains the lung cancer.



A chest tube is used after lung surgery to drain fluid and blood out of your chest cavity and help the lungs to get filled back with air.


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