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Leadership Management: Management Care Overview

Management of care acording to NCSBN is composed of:

  • – Providing and directing Nursing Care that enhances the care delivery
  • – Advance Directives, Advocacy
  • – Case Management and Client Rights
  • – Concept of Management, Continuity of Care
  • – Delegation, Establishing Priorities
  • – Informed Consent, Performance/Quality Improvement

I personally do not look at Management & Delegation as something of a criteria of its own (even if NCSBN thinks it is).  Because “management and delegation” in the NCLEX is not in sync with the concept of “Management & Delegation” in regards with, lets say a Nurse Manager.  Management and Delegation in the NCLEX is more of  MANAGING and PLANNING of interventions and assignment based on a “Client’s Status” and DELEGATING work towards another personel’s level of “Competency” (delegation between YOU the nurse, the LPN and the CNA).  It is important to understand that you as the Registered Nurse (RN) will be responsible for delegating client care and supervises the implementation of care.

The NCBSN has describe delegation as the “act of transferring to a competent individual the authority to perform a selected nursing task in a selected situation.”  Basically as the registered nurse, you are responsible for delegating client care and the supervision to the implementation of the care given. In order to be able to answer the Management and Delegation question in the NCLEX, it is essential to know the guidelines  for proper supervision and delegating assignments.

Understand that the five right for proper delegation includes:

  • The right task
  • the right circumstances
  • the right person
  • the right of proper communication
  • the right Supervision.

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