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Signs of Pregnancy

Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy
– Amenorrhea
– Chadwick’s Sign
– Quickening
– Nausea and Vomiting

Verifying pregnancy

  1. Presumptive – changes felt by mommy
    1. Amenorrhea
    2. N&V “am sickness”
    3. Breast sensitivity
    4. Fatigue
    5. Quickening (16-20wk)
    6. Freq void

– Ballotement- flexion of the uterus when the examiner pushes it
– Chadwick’s Sign- bluish discoloration of the vagina and cervix.
– Goodell’s Sign- sofetining of the portion of the vaginal portion of cervix.
– Positive pregnancy test

  • Uterine enlargement
  • (+) preg test
  • Hegar’s sign- softening and compressibility of isthmus of uterus
  • Chadwick’s sign

– Fetal Heart TOnes
– Ultrasound of fetal outline
– Leopold’s maneuver- fetal outline noted on palpation.


  • Fetal ❤ beat     8-12wk Doppler

18-20 wk auscultate

  • Palpation of fetal mvmt
  • Visual of fetus with US

REMEMBER: Vaginal Ultrasounds require an empty bladder.
Fetal Heart Tones
– Fetal heart tones can be heard approx: 18-20 weeks w/ a Doppler ultrasound.


Alpha Fetoprotiend (AFP)
– performed to screen for neural tube defects.
– done during around 16 weeks.
– If test is done prior to 20 weeks (bladder should remain full during procedure)
– If test is done after 20 weeks (the bladder should void prior to the procedure)
– amniotic fluid can be used to determine chromosomal abnormalities, lung maturity.


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