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Pregnancy induced HTN

  1. Gestation HTN

    1. Onset without proteinuria/edema after 20wks

    2. Resolves after delivery

  2. Preeclampsia (mild) common last 10wks

    1. BP140/90 or inc 30/15

    2. 1+ to 2+ proteinuria

    3. After 20wks

    4. Slight edema, inc wt

  3. Preeclampsia (severe)

    1. BP150-160/100-110

    2. 3-4+ proteinuria



    Epigastric pain

    Inc irritability

    Sudden onset general edema


    Pulm edema



    E- elevated

    L-liver enzymes


    P-platelet count

  1. Eclampsia

    1. HTN

    2. Proteinuria

    3. Tonic-clonic seizures->COMA!!

  2. Post delivery

    1. If DIC (dessiminated intravascular coagulation)- anticoagulant therapy

      1. Monitor BP 48hr

Inc risk:

    Lg fetus

    >35yo, <17yo

    Mult fetuses/ hydatidiform mole

    Poor nutrition

    Hx DM, renal disease, vascular D/O

    Obese, <100lbs


    Preeclampsia (mild) @ home

        Bedrest, L lateral position

        <2g salt, mod – high protein

        QD wt, REPORT 3lb inc wt in 24hr!!!!

    Preeclampsia (severe) @ hosp

        Complete Br, L lateral position

        V/S, FHR, I&O

        Seizure precautions

        Meds (Mg sulfate, hydralazine, valium, procardia)

    Eclampsia (EMG!!!!!!!!!!!!)

        IV w/ bore needle – fluid balance

        Dec stim

        Airway and o2 in case EMG

        Meds (Mg sulfate, apresoline, valium, procardia

        Delivery of fetus- monitor fetal status

        Type and cross match bld

        Postpartum -> monitor VS and seizure precautions


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