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An unlicensed assistive personel The tasks that UAPs will be certified to perform include: * Basic diagnostic testing, such as finger stick blood sugar testing. * Performing 12 lead EKGs. * Sterile specimen collection, such as blood, urine and wound drainage. * Urinary catheter insertion. * Oral and throat suctioning. * Chronic tracheostomy care. * Tube feedings.

They are able to weigh a patient and take their vital signs.  As the UAP, he/she is able to assist a patient with thier Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s).  This includes the use of the bathroom, bathing and showering and they are also able to remind a patient in doing something rather than showing them how to do it, since the skills or excercise is already taught previously by the Nurse or a different healthcare professional.  The UAP is able to gather equipments for a Nurse to use during a certain procedure.  They are also responsible for collecting I/O’s.  Turning and positioning of the patient is also the job of the UAP, and they are also responsible for the hygiene, ambulation and skin care.

Nursing Assistant

  • ADLs/Noninvasive
  • Assist
  • Remind/Reinforce: usually reminds pt. TO do something rather than HOW to do it (skills previously taught by other health care professional or precaution measures)*****
  • Usually in regards to ADLs (hygiene, nutrition, ambulating, skin care),
  • turning, repositioning, cough deep breathe ROM **
  • Special positioning– requires initial education by RN —
  • assistant will assist not teach-
  • I/O ,
  • VS,
  • Weight-
  • Gather (equipment)

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