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– sexually transmitted bacterial infection
– gram negative organism is Neisseria Gonohrrea
– transmitted by sexual contact (vaginal, intercourse)
– First symptom my appear 3 to 10 days after sexual contact.
– Men usually have dysuria and penile discharge that can be yellow or scant clear fluid
– Women may report change in vaginal discharge (yellow, green, profuse)
– Ascending spread of the organism can cause pelvic infection (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
and endomitritis and salpingitis (fallopian tube infection).
– the most reported communicable disease in the united states.
– Anal manifestations may include itching, irritation, rectal bleeding, painful defacation

– Incomplicated Gonnorhea is treated with antibiotics.
– Drug therapy is Cetriaxone, intramuscularly.
– Ciproflaxin

Cervical Cancer

– Associated with infection and HPV.

– Watery vaginal discharge
– Posmenopausal Bleeding
– Dark vaginal discharge
– Flank Pain
– Weight Loss


– is treated according to the disease.
– Hysterectomy


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