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Always keep into consideration the Nursing Process when we are looking at prioritization.

Remember to make sure to always ASSESS the patient before INTERVENTION.

Understanding the Nursing Process

The Nursing process is a systematic method of problem solving the is essential to become successful with the NCLEX. It is an effective way in being able to understand the framework behind the monitoring of the patient.
Assessment: involves the collection of data.  Identification of the client’s needs and establishing a nursing diagnosis.


  • involves the analyzation of data that is being collected, and from there we will be able to identify the client’s needs and establish a nursing diagnosis according to the prescribed NANDA format.

Planning and Goal Setting: 

  • involves the planning for solving the client’s problems according to the priority and identify goals or client outcomes to measure the effectiveness of out nursing action.


  • involves the nursing actions based on the plans that have been established to achieve the desired client outcomes and includes everything that nurse have done such as client’s needs and health promotion

Evaluation focuses on the effectiveness of care that the client receives and a review to the extent.

  • A nursing diagnosis is a clinical judgement

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