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ROOMING-IN with Clients

Clients who requires frequent needs from the nurse and needs frequent nursing assessment or interventions should be assigned rooms close to the nurse’s station.

When we look at prioritization with the patient we have to also keep in consideration the process of assigning rooms to the patients or ROOMING IN THE PATIENTS.

  • Be aware of patients who are immunosupressed or clients with certain infections:  We need to consider the needs of the immunosupressed clients.  It is our job to make sure not to put them at increased risks for certain opportunistic infections.

When have a client with an HIV (human immunodeficiency virus infection) we cannot and should not room the client with another patient with an upper or lower respiratory tract infection, a client with a wound or a client with an open cut or lesion.

  • Always be aware of clients who requires an isolation precaution or clients who needed a private room.
  • Always watch out for clients who is immunosupressed and the clients with MRSA infection and make sure that they are not assigned to the same nurse.

During a triage in an emergency department, a triage involves a brief client assessment, in which the client is assessed and classified according to their needs for care.  This is how we establish priority.

  • When looking for highest priority, use ABC’s (Airway, Breathing, Circulation).  Remember, Chest Pain is a number one priority until a myocardial infarction has been positively ruled out.

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