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A break in the continuity of a bone
Results of a fracture can lead to damage in sorrounding muscle and tissue, hemorrage and edema.

Complications of fractures:

♠ Compartment Syndrome

  • – too much fluid in too little space causes the pressure on muscles and blood vessels.
  • COMPLICATION: Myoglobinuric Renal Failure
  • TREATMENT: Fasciotomy: Cutting the Cast

♣ Fat Embolism

  • ASSESSMENT: Mental and Resp. Changes (Confusion)
  • TREATMENT: O2, Ventilation

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

– fracture extends through entire bone

  • Incomplete
  • Comminuted
    Green Stick


  • 1. Manual Traction
  • 2. Skin Traction
  • 3. Skeletal Traction

Types of Skin Tractions
1. Bucks Traction
– a type of skin traction that immobilizes th limb by maintaining a
straight pullon the limb with the use of weights.
– NO more than 10 lbs. should be applied.

2. Russels Traction
– similar to a bucks traction but provides a double pull and uses a knee sling.
– the knee is partially lifted with a sling.

Cervical Tractions
1. Crutchfield Tongs/ Cervical Tongs

External Fixation Device
– involves fracture immobilization.
– uses pins and frames.


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