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Cardiac Catheterization is a very important Cardiac Procedure that you might encounter in your NCLEX exam.  It’s important to know the pre-op and the post-op interventions for a patient that is undergoing a CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION.

What is Cardiac Catheterization?

Cardiac Catheterization

– a procedure done by a physician * used to determine specific diseased areas of the heart.  There would be a catheter that would be inserted through the arteries and into the heart.  This enables the physician to visualize the vessels, the coronary arteries and the valves of the heart.

NCLEX Note:  The nurse plays a big role prior and after this procedure:


  • The client must be NPO at least 6-12 hrs. prior to the procedure.
  • Assess any numbness or tingling feeling in the site/area.
  • Assess for any bleeding, pain or warmth sensation within the site.
  • Keep patient in bed for 8 hrs. to not dislodge any clot from an artery
  • If femoral artery is used, keep leg straight for 8 hours.
  • Increase fluid intake to assist kidneys in excreting the dye.

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