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Management and Delegation

In the NCLEX, you will be given questions that assess your ability as a nurse to delegate.

A Registered Nurse is not able delegate.

  • Evaluation of patient in a nursing careplan.

A Registered Nurse is able to delegate.

  • Bathing a patient
  • Vital Signs

Nursing Assistant

  • ADLs/Noninvasive
  • Assist
  • Remind/Reinforce: usually reminds pt. TO do something rather than HOW to do it (skills previously taught by other health care professional or precaution measures)*****
  • Usually in regards to ADLs (hygiene, nutrition, ambulating, skin care),
  • turning, repositioning, cough deep breathe ROM **
  • Special positioning– requires initial education by RN —
  • assistant will assist not teach-
  • I/O ,
  • VS,
  • Weight-
  • Gather (equipment)


  • Auscultate/Listen
  • Check(s)-
  • Reinforce/remind
  • Administer (PO,SubQ,IM — NO high alert meds, plasma, blood products)
  • Observe-
  • Collect (data, specimens)-
  • Monitor- Set up (basic equipment)-
  • Review/Teach– Usually standard practices (hand washing/hygiene) or med administration (ie. eye drops) —
  • RN mostly teaches (if anyone else has example of instances when LVN/LPN teach that would be great- Routine/Standard-
  • Wound care/Suction/Urinary Cath** Don’t assign LVN/LPN to do a task an nurse assistant can complete**


  • Assess-
  • Plan-
  • Evaluate-
  • Consult-
  • Teach/Educate-
  • Encourage-
  • Develop-
  • Review-
  • Update-
  • Counsel-
  • Suggest-
  • Initial/Comprehensive/Baseline (assessments)-
  • Frequent/Ongoing assessments (unstable pts)


  • Informed Consent-
  • Medical diagnosis-
  • Prescriptions-Order procedures

Avoid These Assignments for New/Float/LVN/LPN/Traveling

  • New onset/sudden/acute-
  • New admission-
  • Transfer-
  • Newly diagnosed-
  • Discharge-
  • Require education/teaching (beyond basic skills — tend to be complex and specific to patients on that particular unit)-
  • Unstable (ie. High risk of sudden respiratory failure, or requires frequent assessments and changes in therapy)


  • Chronic-
  • Routine meds/procedures-
  • Stable


  • Responsible for knowing about and implementing standard precautions + airborne/droplet/contact –> therefore all can teach about it or prepare a room for it

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