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Chronic Renal Failure


Stage 1 Diminished Renal Reserve
– renal function is reduced, but no accumulation of metablic wastes occurs.
– the healthier kidney compensates for the diseased kidney
– The ability to concentrate urine is decreased, resulting in nocturia and polyuria

– Stage 2 Renal Insufficiency
– metabolic waste begin to accumulate in the blood, because affected nephrons can no
longer compensate.
– responsiveness to diuretics is decreased, resulting in Liguria and edema

Stage 3 End Stage Renal Disease.
– excessive amount of metabolic wastes such as urea and creatinine accumulate in the blood.
– kidney is unable to maintain homeostasis
– treatment is by dialysis

Kidney Changes

Metabolic Changes
– Urea and Creatinine
– Sodium
– Pottasium
– Acid Base Balance
– Calcium and Phosporus

Cardiac Changes
– Hypertension
– Hyperlipidemia
– Heart Failure
– Uremic Pericarditis


Remeber for NCLEX

– Patient with Chronic Renal Failure would have

  • ♣ Uremia, Anemia and Acidosis

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